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The Graceful Movement 

Bringing out the grace and well-being in everyone


From New York, to the Midwest, to Paris, France I have been teaching yoga, dance, pilates and general fitness all inspired by “Grace,” for the past 20 years. The Graceful Movement consists of all the movements that I love, practice, and teach.


Born and raised in the heart of NYC, one of the most dynamic and competitive cities in the world, I realized at an early age that my greatest strength was, and still is, grace. Growing up as a classical dancer through The School of American Ballet, (as affiliated with The New York City Ballet company) I was fortunate to have danced in many NYCB productions, gaining the discipline and foundations that I carry with me to this day, throughout my personal and professional life. As a busy Mom of twins, it’s important that I set an excellent example, hopefully inspiring them to lead healthy lifestyles, while simultaneously working to cultivate their individual passions. And it’s these disciplines that I share so passionately with my clients, every day.

"With the Graceful Movement, I feel stronger, healthier, and happier!"

Hunter Brooke

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